Developer Experience Engineer


1st January 1970

With Storyblok, your build is decoupled from the presentation layer so you can choose any frontend instead of being tied to a monolith. We are headless with a visual editor, this lets content creators make changes without needing tech knowledge. Therefore, you can focus on the important things.

“It has allowed us to not only develop our own, high-performance web pages but also to experiment with different technology combinations and to share content through multiple channels.” Jon Simpson, Chief Architect, EF Education First.

Storyblok has been deployed by 39K+ users across 130+ countries on 63K+ projects.

The team is remote first with people based from Egypt to Chile. However, our roots are in Austria and we have an office presence in London, Hamburg and Rio. You will be given the trust, flexibility and support to be a global citizen with Storyblok.

We are a well funded startup with a track record of impressing world class investors with our product market fit. You will be joining a business that has the capital to give you security and match your ambitions.

Storyblok wants to mirror our customers and communities. Greater diversity in our team is good for business. You will go through a fair evidence based assessment process. We make a conscious effort to speak with people from a traditionally underrepresented group. Inclusion initiatives come in various forms and we look to our staff for ideas on how to build a strong company culture

What you’ll do if you join us

  • Become a Storyblok and headless CMS authority
  • Help enterprise customers to understand and get value out of Storyblok in workshops, tutorials, and during customer demos.
  • Develop, improve, and document Apps, App features, and marketplace tooling.
  • Build production ready Apps that can be used to extend the Storyblok platform
  • Write sample applications, prototypes, and code samples to showcase the power and flexibility of Storyblok and the headless approach to content management.
  • Contribute code updates and bug fixes to Storyblok’s public projects (e.g. SDKs, sample applications, starter kits).
  • Support with the promotion of new features and enhancements to the product.
  • Improve the ecosystem extendability and developer tooling around our core product.
  • Support and reduce onboarding friction with the developer community through code sample creation, debugging, direct partner engagement, and long-tail support channels (forums, video tutorials, blog posts, etc.).
  • Write about the development process of new apps, tools and plugins for newcomers to Storyblok in blog articles, videos and overall documentation.

What you should bring to the table

  • Full stack experience in developing modern applications
  • Be familiar with frameworks like Nuxt, Next, Vue, React
  • Experience with serverless and headless architectures
  • A passion for UX and accessibility
  • A good understanding of how to use a headless CMS
  • Experience working with APIs
  • A passionate technical writer as well as a public speaker
  • Already advocated for Storyblok in your area
  • Experience in technical writing and/or public speaking
  • Active contributor to open source projects, or other public community projects

Benefits at Storyblok

  • Home office setup allowance or membership to a local coworking space.
  • Up to date Macbook.
  • Important tech like second monitors and quality headphones
  • Annual team building international trip.
  • 25 days of annual leave plus your local national holidays.
  • Personal development fund for courses, conferences and material.
  • Fully remote working with flexible schedules.
  • Employee options scheme.

Storyblok will ask for personal demographic information about you during the recruitment process.

This is done in order to measure the diversity of our talent pools and assessment process.

All data will be anonymised and reviewed in aggregated reports. You will also have a prefer not to say option on questions.

Please reach out to if you have any concerns